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28970Re: [Yuricon] Re: Yuricon Mailing List Policy - Please Read

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  • Rei Shaw
    Jul 23, 2011
      Remember that alot of fansubbers will remove their torrents after a series becomes commercial back in the days of Video Cassette distrobution fansubbing distro was alot easier for the community to self police.

      I think there are ethical fansubbers out there, and ethical downloaders. I often download shows I've already bought on Reigon 2 DVD or Japanese Bluray so I can share it with friends in a way they can understand. But I've for my part already supported the show. Likewise I have all of Codename Wa Sailor V in Japanese but also scanlations of it, (which I will replace with the new English release).

      I think the need for fansubs has decreased greatly since the old the days... and with the fast paced release schedule in anime english fansubbers should tone it down a bit, but I don't think it's completely unethical in all situations. There are many people who do buy the products and use fansubs to aid in their understanding. Soft subs can be designed to overlay on the official release even.

      Still I do agree this is not the place to share it, and even if one doesn't agree about the ethics of fansubbing they should respect the rules of the group.

      Anyway I have a clarification I'd like to ask on a another part of the forum policy, can I post a link to a yuri related auction I have going on... or is that considered spam and mass selling? I don't want to break any of the rules here.

      Yes. You have no *right* to be entertained and you wanting a thing is no reason to presume you have a right to it. In fact, after the age of 4 or 5, that kind of thinking is considered sociopathic.



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