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28929Re: Please read: Manga Self-Defense 101

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  • Renèe
    Jun 26, 2011
      Very good article, Erica. I had some friends give me a heads up about this. I have been an advocate of CBLF and The Hero Initiative for sometime. CBLF also has more info and ways you can donate to them or the case on their website.

      You're right, we have to use some common sense in what to and what to no transport because there's no guarantee customs agents will. Even magical girl transformation scenes can be taken out of context. Remember guys, they even consider naked baby photos child porn these days, but when many of us were little, it was considered the norm (and also our parents could embarrass us when we brought dates home as teenagers)...

      Be safe everyone and when in doubt, throw it out. Many of these officials dont care about character age, story cotext, etc. It's all about appearance.

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