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28787RE: [Yuricon] Language of Flowers moment

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  • Erica Friedman
    Apr 14, 2011
      /snerk/....and we've now established that Luce likes lilies best.

      At least for this one reason, I have to like this movie!



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      Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:19:28 -0400
      Subject: [Yuricon] Language of Flowers moment

      I am watching "Imagine Me and You" ( http://amzn.to/g556xc) a romantic comedy about a newly-married woman who falls in love with a local florist who is a lesbian. It's not original and much of the humor is wrapped around hi-larious moments like the "hiding of the newly purchased lesbian porn with much fumbling." But, I guess it's cute if you like romantic comedy. 

      There was a moment as the florist, Luce, and Rachel the married woman are walking back home and Luce is discussing the Language of Flowers. Some of you may be familiar with that, but some might not, so: Language of Flowers is something that just about every culture has some version of - using flowers to indicate a message to the recipient. If you look up a flower name and "language of flowers" you'll find any number of variations on the theme. You all know some version of it - giving someone red roses is almost always seen as an indication of romantic interest. ^_^

      The moment that made me think to write this was, Rachel asks, "what about lilies?" (I bet you saw that coming, eh?) and Luce replies, "the lily means 'I Dare You to Love Me.'"

      I've seen about a dozen meanings for the many different kinds of lily, but for some reason...I like that one best. ^_^



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