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28612Re: Hello from a newbie (just finished Madlax)

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  • MarthaL
    Dec 12, 2010
      I just finished watching Madlax and I have to say that I totally understand what you're saying. Every one of these three had elements of awesomeness, but also elements that made me go WTF!?

      ...Spoilers ahead for the folks who might not have seen all of these yet.

      I had a fun time mapping out the similar plot and character elements between all 3. Heck, Noir and El Cazador both even managed to include an escape scene with a fire extinguisher! Hahahaha! Overall, I'd have to say I enjoyed El Cazador the best though, next was Noir, and then comes Madlax.

      To me, Noir had the best ending scene. It just felt right that the two young women were going to make a go of it together. Whatever the relationship was going to evolve to be, it didn't matter. All options were left open for the viewer to decide and no contradictory elements were thrown in there at the end just to appease an audience demographic. But daggum, the fact that there was so little talking early on in the movie made it really hard to bond to the characters. Nevertheless, by the end, it totally "worked" for me. So I had to hang in there through some early episodes, but the payoff at the end was welcome.

      El Cazador on the other hand, did a much better job showing the characters warming to each other and Nadie shifting from job mode to caring mode. But WTF was that epilogue/denouement episode about? A guy in the town appears interested in Nadie, but she makes a comment while he's around that maybe Ellis should get married some day. It's as if she's pawning off Ellis! When I watch the series again, I'm soooo leaving off watching the final episode. Yes, they end up leaving town and riding off on their own, but I just have a hard time with the writers tossing that contradictory/out of character bone to audience members that just can't handle two women opting to live together. It's like they were thinking "oooo, let's make sure that people think the girls will always be shopping for a husband." Ugh... Oh, but on a positive note, L.A. was awesome...just awesome. Having more time spent on him than was done for Chloe in Noir, really helped me feel more of an emotional punch when he was killed. Both were so tragic, but the presentation of of L.A. early in the show and showing him wrestling with his demons and his realizing how he'd been manipulated his whole life just seemed more powerful than the intellectual understanding I had to figure out on my own about Chloe's manipulation. Than again, maybe I'm just slow on the uptake.

      Madlax definitely had a more grandiose plot. And really mixed around the characters. It was easy to peg Carassa(sp) Doon as L.A./Chloe, but with the much larger cast of characters, I figured they'd have another one in there. I thought Limelda would be one since she'd spent her whole life being manipulated. Whoa was I wrong. Limelda had so little time on screen with Madlax, that I just didn't see her as the other half that would stay with Madlax. That caught me off guard. Since those two had never really interacted, I had no emotional response whatsoever to that ending. I'm glad that Madlax could have a friend or more, but there's no interest on my part to wonder what it could be. The same goes for Margaret and her new sister. Since Letitia has just now become real, she's like a totally new character and I have no emotional attachment to her yet.

      Madlax was a fun ride, but at times the plot complexity compared to the other two shows just seemed like a real charley foxtrot to me. Also, I was gobsmacked about Elenore and Vanessa. It took me quite a while to figure out that they must have been the equivalent of the scientist/father type figure in El Cazador that is killed early in Ellis' life. So we had 3 nurturing characters, Margaret's real father, Vanessa and Elenore that were killed off in Madlax. Ummm, that just didn't work for me. It was too over the top melodramatic. And coming at the end of the show, there was no time for closure since the plot was racing forward...no time to see Margaret or Madlax cope or establish new relationships to help them move forward. At the end, they just appear to be "over it" as if Vanessa and Elenore hadn't been such an important part of their lives. In the end they had new relationships with two "new" characters that the viewers had learned little about.

      Overall, I liked all of the shows though. I'm glad I own all three. I look forward to revisiting El Cazador (minus the last episode) and Noir. But Madlax ...it may be a while before I go there again.

      Now, back to Aria for a while. That should help me feel better. All will be right with the world again soon. :)


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      > Hi Ceci! Welcome to the Yuricon Mailing List. Verbosity is encouraged. ;-)
      > I'm a huge fan of El Cazador de la Bruja, as well. Well, I'm a fan of Noir, Madlax and El Cazador - each was strong and weak in a unique way and they all charmed me. :-)
      > It's nice to "meet" you.
      > Cheers,
      > Erica
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