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28610Hello from a newbie

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  • MarthaL
    Dec 10, 2010
      I'm fairly new to anime having only seen Miyazaki movies in the past. But on a lark I browsed some corners of the web where I don't usually hang out and discovered anime streaming online. In the past, I'd always blown it off as for angsty teen girls or full of fan service for teenage boys. So I don't know what prompted me to watch, but I did. I think my first anime was Blue Drop. I completely broke down and cried at the ending. Next was Simoun...and that blew me away because the story line was so full of action, yet nuanced at the same time.

      After Simoun I came to discover that I was wrong about anime. A lot of it may be poorly done, but I had taken a mental short-cut and lumped it all together as unworthy. While it does seem that every story is saddled with pandering to a particular audience demographic and social expectations/mores, I'm amazed at how they managed to shoehorn some fantastic stories between all of the rigid requirements.

      But, the utter addiction to this genre came from El Cazador de la Bruja. At one point during a pitiful, stuttering, slow, streaming attempt, I heard a song that so totally enchanted me that I could hardly catch my breath, Inca Rose. So I began a quest to find anything composed by Yuki Kajiura and have amassed quite a collection already. Presently, I'm streaming the soundtrack to Madlax OST 2 from Grooveshark while I wait for my CD to arrive. I've probably spent a small fortune on any soundtracks I can find from her (at least by grad student standards). For the last 2-3 weeks, I've literally listened to nothing else.

      I'm sure the addiction will end eventually. But right now I'm having a blast. I've bought the entire Bee Train "Girls with Guns" set. I started with El Cazador, next I watched Noir, and now I'm watching Madlax. It's the equivalent to listening to an orchestra play variations on a theme. I love seeing how different stories can be weaved from the same plot structure and character types.

      I'm also getting a kick out of some non-yuri titles like Boogiepop Phantom and Aria. Aria seemed to sappy at first, but somewhere about episode 5 I became hooked....and I mean totally hooked. It's the "Unicorn chaser" to something like Boogiepop Phantom. I've purchased all of Aria and I also have Serial Experiments Lain waiting in the wings.

      But so far, my favorite shows seem to be the Bee Train ones. I know they're not supposed to be high art or anything, but they're a mystical and fun ride. I get a kick out of the super human assassin skills the women possess.

      Ah well, I ramble. Verbosity is my forte. Hahahaha! <waves> Hello everybody! I'm Ceci.
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