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  • EricaF
    Dec 8, 2010
      Hi Brandi -

      Opinions will always be different about things, but I know I find buying online to be very convenient. (I can't fly to Japan every other month to get books, as much as I'd love to.)

      Ozan was commenting that shipping overseas is very expensive. I can attest as a seller that it unfortunately is quite expensive to ship things overseas. I no longer have any option to ship by land or boat - only by airmail - to any other country. Sadly, that brings up the price for the consumer.)

      When I buy from any Japanese website, I tend to hold my orders until I am buying a lot of items - 20 or more. Shipping doesn't go down as a total, but it does go down per item. If I buy 10 items from Amazon JP, the shipping per item might be as high as $10, if I buy 20 items, it might be $4/item. It's true that the cost itself goes up, but the per item shipping definitely drops.

      Other websites like BK1 still, I believe, offer a variety of shipping speed/costs. In general, the slower the shipping, the cheaper it is. Because of the time difference between Japan and my home, I have literally bought things one night and they have arrived the next morning! It's pretty funny when that happens.

      If you are buying from a online site within your own country, the shipping is much less likely to be extremely expensive, another thing Ozan mentioned.

      If you live somewhere that you can't get good Yuri, then yes, online shopping is a great way to get good stuff to read. Also going to local conventions - you can often find deals on manga there, too.

      I hope that helps!



      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Brandi Allen <brandibam@...> wrote:
      > so buying online is not the way to go? if so then i dont know where to get any, the storess in my city dont have any, only strawberry panic. lol
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