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28398RE: [Yuricon] yuri manga archive?

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  • Erica Friedman
    Jul 2, 2010
      Well, the only semi-comprehensive collection of Yuri that I'm aware of is the one that fills my house. It contains magazines, doujinshi and manga dating from the late 1960s to the present. (I'm actually thinnest at "the present" side of things, because while I collect a ridiculous amount of Yuri, at this point I can no longer collect everything that comes out.

      I received a lot of the historical stuff from Rica Takashima who got it from Hagiwara Mami, who was the former editor of Lesbian magazine Anise in Japan. And I've collected a lot of historically important doujinshi, some from her, some from Japanese fans, some from my own purchases. Scholar James Welker has sent me some items, as well. The collection spans four rooms in the house.

      I imagine that the person with the second largest collection in the world is Erin Subramanian and it's a fair bet that her collection is really enormous, too.

      At the moment, I sincerely doubt that there is an academic or public institution that has money, space or time to catalog and store something like this. I imagine that when I die, I'll have to endow some poor bastard of an institution with the collection. :-)



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      Subject: [Yuricon] yuri manga archive?

      hello yuri manga fans,

      i thought to pose this question here but maybe i should ask a reference librarian? i am aware there are various manga collections and archives held in japan as well as some in the united states, like oregon state or ohio state's cartoon library. but i am interested to know if there are holdings just for yuri manga -- and if not, why not? i am also interested in cataloging yuri manga in some fashion...it's a project i'm interested in tackling if no one else is.

      anyway, i would love to know your thoughts and suggestions on any yuri manga archives.


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