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  • Wunderlampe
    Jul 2, 2010
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      > Not unless I know what's being benchmarked against. :-)
      > I mean, check out that TaTu song and see how many have Yuri AMVs, or gods help us, anything by Evanescence.
      > And how many non-Yuri AMVs are there for Bad Romance?
      > You can't expect us to be satisfied with one out of context datum, now, can you? ;-)

      Oh, yes I can, my dear Erica. Because, in the immortal words of Doug Finn, I care nothing for plot continuity!

      You are here applying rigorous reasoning and scientific standards to yuri. Nothing good can come of this. And if you want an example, here it is:


      (God, I love XKCD. And yes, I'm being deliberately silly due to my impending birthday & the beer that

      > My biggest issue with AMVs is that since series ad song popularity go in waves whenever I hold an AMV contest, I get 7 of the same anime and 3 of the same song. That's always fun.:-)

      Yar. The worst is Evanescence's "Going under". There is one, and only one AMV that uses this right, and that is _Deluge_ by Meri, the gold standard of Utena amvs.

      > Cheers,
      > Erica
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