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28144Re: The Yuri Gap

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  • EricaF
    Apr 5, 2010
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Wunderlampe" <thirohk@...> wrote:
      > I realize I'm probably repeating what others have said, but I get the feeling you're over thinking this.

      That's pretty obvious. :)

      In fact, most of what I *do* as a Yuri blogger and industry hack is over think and comment on Yuri.

      Overthinking comics and cartoons is what most of fandom spends it's time doing all across the internet. :-)

      The reason that it isn't seen much is what Ellen mentions - moving house, moving in etc. are not what I would think of as full of dramatic potential.
      > In fact, I can think of only one love story I know that has that in it, and that's W Juliet, and then only at the very end. BTW, "W Juliet" is an excellent manga, if you're interested, though it's not Yuri. And possibly Utena, when Anthy moves in at the start, but even then it's very short.
      > Back to the subject, how many series with science have anything like the humdrum realism of what working in a lab entails? Or - well, pick your example. Bottom line is that isn't very interesting. There's not that much top notch yuri out there - for the simple reason that there's not that much top notch _anything_ out there - and I'll believe someone making logistics interesting when I see it.

      I understand your point, and I actually disagree. Making the mundane wonderful is exactly what I look for in a writer. That may be the point, though. I'm an adult in a relationship. Humans, look to media for a reflection of self (or what we want out of life.) I do think that day to day life is the most fun and far and away more interesting than giant crises with monsters and screaming. :-)

      > Frankly, I'm just glad that there's Yuri that isn't of the schoolgirl "OMG, we're in love!" variety (yes, Saki, I'm looking at you...) which is great fun to heckle, but can get a trifle tiring...

      I'm glad for more of everything.

      I was just enjoying a bit of overthinking.


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