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28135Re: The Yuri Gap

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  • EricaF
    Apr 1, 2010
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "mara_papimer" <in_the_name_of_union7@...> wrote:

      > Additional: was there not a two part story in Rakuen #1 by Nishi Uko that dealt with this point in the relationship? Or have I misunderstood the relationship chronology?
      > PPS:
      > As it is physically possible for two people to be in a relationship for their whole lives without living together or indeed get and stay married without ever living together I feel I do not understand this question completely. So sorry in advance for any mistakes.

      "Collectors" which was, happily, continued in Volume 2 of Rakuen le Paradis, is about this very thing - people in a long-term relationship that don't share an apartment. The second chapter had a line that made me snort-lol. ;-)

      I did say that there were *of course* exceptions and hope that people respond to the issue, rather than list the exceptions that must *of course* exist. :-)


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