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28132RE: [Yuricon] The Yuri Gap

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  • Ellen Kuhfeld
    Apr 1, 2010
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      The gap between 'couple' and 'living together' might well happen because the shift from one state to another involves a lot of logistics. And logistics are mundane. You have to work harder to make a story out of the mundane.
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      So I'm reading through the piles and piles of stuff I've got sitting here and I can't but help notice a gap.
      And yet...I can't help but notice a gap.

      The gap is that bit after "we're together as a couple" and before "we living together."

      This is the kind of story I covered in "Playing House" in Yuri Monogatari 4 and what "Fufu" is doing in Yuri Hime S. This space when two women are past building a physical relationship out of an emotional one and trying to translate that into real life. Moving in, getting furniture - dealing with bills and budgets and family and food and...stuff. 


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