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27883New Lililicious Releases - Butterfly 69 extra (from SYH2), Butterfly Effect (sequel to Butterfly 69), Rose of Versailles v2 ch14

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  • Erin Subramanian
    Dec 15, 2009
      In Natsuneko's "Butterfly 69: Instant Summer," Maria tries to turn the
      tables on Ageha.
      In "Butterfly Effect," Maria and Ageha try to balance their relationship
      with their careers.

      In chapter 14 of Ikeda Riyoko's The Rose of Versailles, Rosalie attends
      a ball with Oscar.

      As always, the releases can be downloaded in the channel on irc
      (#lililicious on irc.rizon.net) or at the webpage
      (http://www.lililicious.net ).