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27861Re: [Yuricon] Rakuen: Le Paradis online

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  • Erin Subramanian
    Dec 3, 2009
      EricaF wrote:

      >Hakusensha has announced that all of the content for the first volume of Rakuen: Le Paradis is online for free. ANN tells you how to access it.
      >Some of the artists are Yuri-friendly or Yuri circles.
      Actually, it appears they're only offering short extras (like the
      special Yuri Hime booklets, but online). Rakuen does have some nice yuri
      stories, so I hope these free extras will convince some more people to
      give the anthology a try.
      Also, new stories are only posted on days that are in red on their
      calendar. You click on the day number to get to that day's story. (If
      you are like me, you probably clicked #2 over and over like an idiot
      before reading the info on the page.)

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