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27784Re: [Yuricon] [OT] Trivia Questions

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  • Adam Jones
    Nov 5, 2009
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      On Wed, 04 Nov 2009 07:16:23 -0500, Erin Subramanian
      <esubramanian1@...> wrote:

      > Utena: What is on top of the chairman's tower?*An observatory

      Bzzzt! It's a planetarium, not an observatory. Which is a rather
      important part of the plot, after all...

      > Sailor Moon: Michiru catches Haruka from falling and comments that
      > she gained weight. Haruka replied 'Save the -------- ---
      > ---.*scolding for bed
      > Sailor Moon: While waiting in her car, Haruka complains that she is
      > cold. Michiru said. 'I could ---- --- --'*warm you up.
      > Sailor Moon: When Uranus comments that her sword is as sharp as
      > ever, Neptune replies, 'we'll see about that, when ----- -----.*we're
      > alone


      Wow, I forgot how deeply hidden the subtext was in that show.
      (But cousins say that sort of thing to one another all the time, right?)
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