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  • Erin Subramanian
    Nov 4 4:16 AM
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      Andi, Andi Spring, Spring wrote:

      > The anime club and lbgt groups on campus are working together to host
      > a yaoi/yuri night, which I am in charge of. Yuri shows I'm thinking
      > will be Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto and the yaoi would be Gravitation
      > and Yami no Matsui. We will show one episode of each of those shows
      > with a session of trivia (or Q&A if the trivia doesn't work) on yuri
      > and yaoi.
      > Does anyone have any good trivia questions I could use?
      My friend windam has a yuri trivia bot with questions composed by her
      and others from #lililicious. Here are the questions from it (I'm
      posting it publicly in case other people are interested in them):
      A Kiss, love & a prince: What is the name of the play?*The knife bird
      and the beautiful stone
      A Kiss, love & a prince: Who is playing the role of the prince?*Tachibana
      A Kiss, love & a prince: What does Tachibana suggest to Abe in the
      dressing room?*They should go out
      A Kiss, love & a prince: Which club is putting on the play?*Sakurakai
      drama club
      Even if we're not friends: What is Nana's star sign?*Gemini
      Even if we're not friends: According to Nana's classmates, how can you
      tell if you like a person?*If you like kissing them
      Even if we're not friends: What did Nana promise to show Hitomi?*Her
      Even if we're not friends: What sport does Hitomi play?*basketball
      Alien9: Who does Yuri call for help?*Kumi
      Alien9: What alien uses telepathic attacks?*Yellow Knife
      Alien9: What are the symbiotic aliens called?*borg
      Alien9: What color is Kasumi's borg?*pink
      Alien9: What color is Yuri's borg?*red
      Alien9: What color is Kumi's borg?*purple
      Alien9: How do the borg feed?*by licking with their tongues
      Airmaster: Which girl likes Maki a lot?*Mina
      Airmaster: What sport did Maki compete in when she was young?*gymnastics
      Airmaster: What is Mina's nickname?*Legend of the Huge Breasts
      Airmaster: Who is Maki's self-proclaimed rival?*Sakiyama Kaori
      Battle Athletes: What is the name of Kris' cow?*Gyubei
      Battle Athletes: What nationality is Mylanda?*French
      Battle Athletes: What part of Japan is Icchan from?*Osaka
      Battle Athletes: What title do the athletes compete for?*Cosmo Beauty
      Battle Athletes: In the OAV, what does Kris do to welcome Akari and
      Anna?*dance naked
      Battle Athletes: What does Akari ask Icchan at night?*sleepover
      Battle Athletes: What is Icchan's real name?*Yanagida Ichino
      Battle Athletes: What does Kris do to Akari to join their powers during
      the Semi-finals?*kiss her
      Battle Athletes: After Icchan and Akari carved their names on a tree,
      Icchan commented, 'It looks like we're - ------.*a couple.
      Battle Athletes: When the terrorist asks Kris what Akari means to her,
      what did Kris say?*My lover
      Battle Athletes: In the OAV, what sport do Akari and Anna compete
      against in?*Acro Spike
      Noir: What is the name of the shop that Mireille buys purses from?*Bee
      Noir: What is the name of the city in where Mireille and Kirika live?*Paris
      Noir: What does Althena grow near the old ruins?*grapes
      Noir: Who does Mireille fear from her childhood?*Intocabille
      Noir: What does Chloe do to determine her bond with Kirika when they
      were bathing in a lake?*kiss her
      Noir: By what method does Intocabille deliver a challenge to
      Mireille?*Kiss of Death
      Noir: What prompted Mireille to investigate Kirika?*the melody from her
      father's watch
      Noir: What does Mireille use for a computer desk?*A pool table
      Kannaduki no Miko: What kind of priestess is Himeko?*Solar Priestess
      Kannaduki no Miko: What do Himeko and Chikane do in the secluded rose
      garden?*Eat lunch
      Kannaduki no Miko: What sport does Chikane play with Souma?*Tennis
      Kannaduki no Miko: What kind of priestess is Chikane?*Lunar Priestess
      Kannaduki no Miko: Who is it that Solar and Lunar Priestess have to
      revive?*Ame no Murakumo
      Kannaduki no Miko: In ep 1, what did Chikane do to Himeko after she
      wished her 'Happy birthday'?*Kiss her
      Kannaduki no Miko: In ep 10, what instrument does Chikane play for
      Himeko?*A piano
      Kannaduki no Miko: Aside from the piano, what other instrument can
      Chikane play?*Violin
      Kannaduki no Miko: The servants of the dark god are called ------.*Orochi
      Kannaduki no Miko: What is the name of Souma's brother.*Tsubasa
      Kannaduki no Miko: Who sang the opening and ending songs?*Kotoko
      Kannaduki no Miko: What is the name of Chikane's head maid.*Otoha
      Kannaduki no Miko: Himeko hates this kind of fungi.*Shitake
      Kannaduki no Miko: What is the name of Himeko's roommate?*Makoto
      Kannaduki no Miko: What is it that Himeko wears around her neck?.*A
      pink shell
      Kannaduki no Miko: In ep 10, with much blushing, Himeko asks Chikane:
      Can I ----- with you tonight?*sleep
      Kannaduki no Miko: In ep 10, Himeko says: Chikane-chan was very warm
      and she ---- -- ---- -------- than anything else in this world.*held me
      more securely
      Kannaduki no Miko: What color are Himeko's eyes?*Violet
      Azumanga: On what day did Kaorin have her best Sakaki dream?*New Year
      Azumanga: Kaorin's pet gave birth to what?*kittens
      Azumanga: How much bigger were Sakaki's breasts compared to Tomo?*8 cm
      Azumanga: What is the name of Chiyo's dog?*Mr. Tadakichi
      Azumanga: What does Sakaki yell out when she picks up the mountain
      Azumanga: Another name for the Iriomote mountain cat is
      Azumanga: What costume did Chiyo's class make for the first cultural
      festival?*cat costume
      Azumanga: What did Kimura-sensei order at the swim club's stand?*Pool water
      Azumanga: What did Yukari say in the hall way to prevent Nyamo from
      gossiping about her high school days?*Love Letter
      Utena: What is the name of the second duel between Utena and Touga?*Self
      Utena: What is the name of the duel between Utena and Juri?*Love
      Utena: What is the name of Utena's first duel?*Friendship
      Utena: What is the song that plays when Utena walks up the stairs to the
      Duel Arena?*Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
      Utena: When Saionji forcefully takes Anthy to the Arena, where was Anthy
      trapped in?*A rose coffin
      Utena: What is on top of the chairman's tower?*An observatory
      Utena: Where does Mikage get the black rose seal?*From a coffin
      Utena: What bush grows in the elevator as it goes up?*rose bush
      Utena: In the Curry episode, the shadow girls explain what term?*Divine
      Utena: What is the second way to get to the Duel Arena?*elevator
      Utena: What game were Juri, Miki and Utena playing when Utena claimed
      that her love for Anthy was pure?*badminton
      Utena: Shoujo Kakumei Utena was heavily influenced by another
      anime/manga series. Which one?*Rose of Versailles
      Utena: In episode 2, Wakaba holds up her book "Magnolia Waltz". Who is
      the author of the book?*Chiho Saito
      Utena: How many candles were in the candle holder as Anthy watched Utena
      and Akio from the shadows?*3
      Utena: In the Curry episode, what animal constantly interferes with
      Utena: In ep 1, when Wakaba says that she's waiting for her boyfriend,
      who does she refer to?*Utena
      Utena: What is Wakaba's way of greeting Utena?*She jumps on her
      Utena: Utena's name means calyx. What is the function of this part?*it
      protects the flower
      Utena: Where does Mikage put his clients for their therapy sessions?*In
      an elevator
      Utena: Whose sword does the Victor of the duel wield?*Dios
      Utena: The victor becomes ------- to the rose bride.*engaged
      Utena: The ---------- coach tries to recruit Utena for his team.*basketball
      Utena: What sport does Juri play?*fencing
      Utena: What music piece does Miki play a lot?*The sunlit garden
      Utena: What instrument does Anthy play?*The piano
      Utena Movie: When Utena turned into a car, what object did Anthy use to
      turn it on?*A key
      Utena Movie: What is the name of the song Anthy and Utena danced
      to?*Toki ni Ai wa
      Utena Movie: What is the only english phrase in the song Anthy and
      Utena danced to?*This rose is our destiny
      Utena Movie: What kind of vehicle was Wakaba?*A jeep
      Utena Movie: What is Shiori's symbol?*A butterfly
      Sailor Moon: When Usagi yells 'You said we would be together forever',
      what was Rei's reply? *Stupid Usagi, you have Mamoru.
      Sailor Moon: Why does Usagi like to stay over at Rei's?*Read Rei's comics
      Sailor Moon: Who is the senshi of death and rebirth?*Saturn
      Sailor Moon: Who is the senshi of Love?*Venus
      Sailor Moon: Who is the senshi of Wisdom?*Mercury
      Sailor Moon: Who is the senshi of Time?*Pluto
      Sailor Moon: What element does Mercury control?*Water
      Sailor Moon: What element does Mars control?*Fire
      Sailor Moon: What element does Jupiter control?*Lightning
      Sailor Moon: What element does Neptune control?*Water
      Sailor Moon: What element does Uranus control?*Wind
      Sailor Moon: Michiru catches Haruka from falling and comments that she
      gained weight. Haruka replied 'Save the -------- --- ---.*scolding for bed
      Sailor Moon: While waiting in her car, Haruka complains that she is
      cold. Michiru said. 'I could ---- --- --'*warm you up.
      Sailor Moon: What does Venus yell when she uses the chain around her
      waist?*Venus Love me Chain
      Sailor Moon: What are those strips of paper that Mars uses called?
      Sailor Moon: Where does Rei live?*At a shrine
      Sailor Moon: When Haruka says that her hands are dirty, Michiru says, -
      ---- ---- -----.*I like your hands
      Sailor Moon: What element alerts Haruka to danger?*The wind
      Sailor Moon: Michiru can sense --- --- to detect when danger is
      coming.*the sea
      Sailor Moon: What is the name of Usagi's cat?*Luna
      Sailor Moon: What is the name of Minako's cat?*Artemis
      Sailor Moon: What does Tenou Haruka's name mean?*Distant sky god
      Sailor Moon: What was Michiru exhibiting at the museum?*Her paintings
      Sailor Moon: Aside from cars, what other vehicle can Haruka race?*motorcycle
      Sailor Moon: When Uranus comments that her sword is as sharp as ever,
      Neptune replies, 'we'll see about that, when ----- -----.*we're alone
      Sailor Moon: What is Haruka's profession?*Race car driver
      Sailor Moon: Where do the Inner senshi meet Haruka and Michiru?*at an arcade
      Sailor Moon: What video game does Minako play with Haruka?*F1 racing
      Sailor Moon: What items are Haruka and Michiru looking for?*Talismans
      Sailor Moon: What senshi does Haruka transform to?*Sailor Uranus
      Sailor Moon: What senshi does Michiru transform to?*Sailor Neptune
      Sailor Moon: What color is Haruka's car?*yellow
      Sailor Moon: When Chibi-Usa first shows up, what did she do to
      Mamoru?*Kiss him
      Sailor Moon: What talisman does Uranus have?*The space sword
      Sailor Moon: What talisman does Neptune have?*A mirror
      Sailor Moon: What is Pluto's forbidden power?*To stop time
      Sailor Moon: Who is the first senshi to awaken on earth?*Venus
      X: Who is Saya's special person?*Toru
      X: Why did Saya die?*To take Toru's place
      Marimite: Because of her singing talent, Rosa Canina is Lilian's ----?*Diva
      Marimite: What is the name of the girl who Sachiko gave her hanky to
      when they were young?*Mifuyu
      Marimite: What is Shiori's last name?*Kubo
      Marimite: What is the name of the girl who went to heaven in the
      controversial novel?*Kaori
      Marimite: Who Yoshino's favorite author?*Ikenami Shoutaro
      Marimite: What did Youko feed Sei at the train station?*A cookie
      Marimite: Why did Shiori stop Sei in the chapel?*Because Maria-sama is
      Marimite: In ep 11, What did Sei compare herself to?*A bad sheep who
      cannot conform
      Marimite: In the DVD special 3, what does Yoshino ask Rei in front of
      Maria-sama?*Please make me your bride.
      Marimite: In the DVD special 2, what did Sachiko do with her hanky in
      the greenhouse?*She stuffs it in Yumi's dress.
      Marimite: 'Don't worry. We won't take off --- -------- and start
      playing.'*our clothes
      Marimite: 'Oh, could it be because we're cute, she decided to treat us
      to ramen? Yumi-san, your ----- -- -------.*brain is melting
      Oniisama E: Nanako reminds Fukiko of her ----?*doll
      Oniisama E: What is Rei's nickname at school?*St. Juste
      Oniisama E: What is Mariko's last name?*Shinobu
      Oniisama E: Which industry does Mariko's father have his profession
      Oniisama E: What is covered by Rei's bracelet?*scar
      Oniisama E: Where does Nanako meet Rei for the 1st time?*bus
      Oniisama E: What high school does Nanako go to?*Seiran
      Oniisama E: What student organization is most prestigious?*the sorority
      BGC: What 1982 movie influenced Priss' name and the name of her rock
      band?*Blade Runner
      BGC: What was the name of Priss' rock band?*Replicants
      BGC: What type of boomer is Sylvie?*sexaroid
      BGC: How does Sylvie replenish Anri's systems?*lets Anri bite her
      BGC: While watching the sunset, Sylvie winks at Priss, and says -'-
      ---- ---.*I'm free now
      BGC: What fluid does the 33-S require?*blood
      BGC: What does Priss' motorcycle transform to?*A Motoslave
      BGC: What is Sylia's last name?*stingray
      BGC: What is Sylia's shop called?*Silky Doll
      BGC: Who is Sylia's little brother?*Makie
      Love Hina Manga: Who was Suu's first kiss?*Motoko
      Love Hina Manga: Who was Naru's first kiss?*Mutsumi
      Love Hina Manga: If you can tie a cherry with your tongue, you are a
      ---- ------.*good kisser
      Love Hina Manga: When Keitaro dreamt that Naru married someone else,
      who was it?*Mutsumi
      Love Hina Manga: Mutsumi threatened Keitaro if he didn't make a move on
      Naru by saying 'I will ----- --- ---- ---*steal her from you
      CCS: Each member of the Kinomoto family are named after a flower. What
      flower is Sakura's father named after?*wisteria
      CCS: Each member of the Kinomoto family are named after a flower. What
      flower is Sakura's mother named after?*Nadeshiko
      CCS: What was the reason that Tomoyo let her hair grow long? (a)she
      wanted Sakura to notice her, (b)Her mother wanted her to look like
      Nadeshiko, (c)Because bondage queens have long hair
      CCS: In episode 11, what is the 'very precious thing' that Tomoyo had
      in the box that was sealed by the shield card?*eraser
      CCS: When did Sakura and Tomoyo first meet?*In the third grade
      CCS: In episode 11, Tomoyo plays a video clip in her entertainment
      room. Which episode is it from?*Sakura in a cat outfit
      CCS: Which cousin loved Sakura's mother the most?*Sonomi
      Jubei-chan II: What is Felicia's purpose when she visited Jubei at
      night?*To sleep over
      Jubei-chan II: What is the shape of Felicia's eye patch?*A spade
      Jubei-chan II: Which branch of Yaguu does Felicia belong to?*Siberia
      Puni Puni Poemi: When Poemi got to school early in the pouring rain,
      Futaba suggested that Poemi take her clothes off and --- -- --- ----
      ---.*get in bed with her
      Puni Puni Poemi: What is the shape of Poemi's henshin stick?*A fish bone
      Puni Puni Poemi: What does puni puni translate to?*soft soft
      Puni Puni Poemi: Where did Futaba's sisters ask Poemi to transform?*In
      their bath
      Puni Puni Poemi: What does Poemi want to be when she grows up?*A voice
      Puni Puni Poemi: What weird name does Poemi call herself?*Kobayashi
      Puni Puni Poemi: When Poemi's parents left her, how much yen did she
      have in her wallet?*46
      Puni Puni Poemi: What is Futaba's last name?*Aasu
      Puni Puni Poemi: Where did Shii rest her breasts when Poemi asked to
      live with their family?*On Poemi's head
      Puni Puni Poemi: How many sisters does Futaba have?*6
      Puni Puni Poemi: Itsue-chan donned a red leather outfit and whipped,
      saying 'Be quiet! Call me Mistress! Lick -- ----!*my feet
      Puni Puni Poemi: Complete this phrase: The ------ is pink!*nipple
      Puni Puni Poemi: What item does Itsue-chan use to create an Earth
      Barrier?*Her whip
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: What does Nako say when she's exasperated?*Hani hani
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: How did Nako awaken Kurumi?*With a kiss
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: Who is in love with Nako?*Uruka
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: When they were exploring the underground
      passages, Uruka tried to scare Nako so that Nako will ----- --
      ---?*Cling to her
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: What instrument does Nako play?*Cello
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: Which steel angel does Uruka awaken?*Saki
      Steel Angel Kurumi 2: How does Kurumi take Nako to school?*In her arms
      Complete this phrase:I am a ----- ------!!!!!!*pussy licker
      Unscramble this (Marimite): o a r r s y *rosary
      Unscramble this (2 words): e m a n m o r e l c*cream lemon
      Unscramble this: r a t s r i m a e*Airmaster
      Unscramble this (Utena): y a m m i i e h *Himemiya
      Unscramble this (Utena): g a s u w a r i a*Arisugawa
      Unscramble this (Yamibo): t a k i s u h*Hatsuki
      Unscramble this (Yamibo): t h a m i s u*Hatsumi
      Unscramble this (Marimite): e i d o F a t*Foetida
      Unscramble this (Marimite): e a t i n a g g*Gigantea
      Unscramble this (Marimite): s s h e n n i c i *chinensis
      Unscramble this (Marimite): u k i y i m a y a r a*yamayurikai
      Unscramble this (Marimite, 2 words): u r e s t i p e e t o*petite soeur
      Unscramble this (BGC): s r i p s*Priss
      Unscramble this (2 words): r a v e a a m i*Ave Maria
      Unscramble this (Sailor Moon): a a h u r k*Haruka
      Unscramble this (2 words):g a s h d o r k w i l n*World Shaking
      Unscramble this (2 words):f u u u n d o j*Jun Fudou
      Unscramble this (CCS): m o o o t y*Tomoyo
      Unscramble this: p l a c m*clamp
      Unscramble this: s c i i i i l l l o u*lililicious
      Unscramble this (2 words): m a d d e i i l a v*DevilMan Lady
      Unscramble this (2 words): m i s i i r y a m h u*Yuri Shimai
      Unscramble this: u m i k r u*Kurumi
      Yamitoboushi: How do Lilith and Hatsuki travel to different
      worlds?*Through books
      Yamitoboushi: At what age will Hatsumi disappear?*16
      Yamitoboushi: What does the princess give Hatsuki?*A comb
      Yamitoboushi: Only Hatsuki can stomach eating Hatsumi's --------.*pancakes
      Yamitoboushi: Op lyrics: I want to meet you, but I can't meet you, so
      much I am not sure what my -------- --- -------.*feelings are anymore
      Yamitoboushi: Lyrics: Finding you is the same as finding ------.*myself
      Yamitoboushi: In ep 1, on what vehicle is Hatsuki travelling in?*A train
      Ikkitousen: When Ryomou is immobilized what does Ryofu do to
      her?*sex0rs her
      Ikkitousen: Why does Ryomou wear an eyepatch?*Her eye is blind
      Ikkitousen: What do fighters wear on their ear?*soulstone
      Strawberry Panic: What color is Shizuma's Etoile pendant?*Blue
      Strawberry Panic: What color is Kaori's Etoile pendant?*Red
      Strawberry Panic: Which character always carries a teddy bear?*Kagome
      Strawberry Panic: What color is Nagisa's folding umbrella?*Blue
      Strawberry Panic: What is the translation of Shizuma's last name?*Garden
      Strawberry Panic: Where did Shizuma kiss Nagisa when they first
      Strawberry Panic: In ep 2, what subject did Tamao base her poem on?*A
      Strawberry Panic: What is the name of the play that the 3 schools
      cooperated on?*Carmen
      Strawberry Panic: What is the name of the play that was performed in
      the previous year?*Madame Butterfly
      Strawberry Panic: What is the name of the dorm in japanese?*Ichigo-sha
      Strawberry Panic: Because they were roommates for so long, Nagisa
      compared Chihaya and Mizushima to what?*A married couple
      Strawberry Panic Manga: What is the nick name for the Maitor's
      library?*Secret Garden
      Mai Otome: What is the name of Arika's mother?*Rena Sayers
      Mai Otome: What is the name of the bird on Miyu's shoulder?*Allissa
      Mai Otome: What is Arika's gem called?*Blue Sky Sapphire
      Mai Otome: What is Nina's gem called?*Ultimate Black Diamond
      Mai Otome: What is the name of Mashiro's cat?*Mikoto
      Mai Otome: What is the name of the school that trains Otome?*Garderobe
      Mai Otome: A junior student in Garderobe is called a -----.*Coral
      Mai Otome: A senior student in Garderobe is called a -----.*Pearl
      Mai Hime: What is the name of Shizuru's child?*Kiyohime
      Mai Hime: What is the name of Natsuki's child?*Dhuran
      Mai Hime: What is the name of Mai's child?*Kagutsuchi
      Mai Hime: What is the name of Midori's child?*Gakutenou
      Mai Hime: When Natsuki and Shizuru fought, where did Shizuru trap
      Natsuki?*Under a bell
      Mai Hime: What weapon does Shizuru's element resemble?*Naginata
      Sensei No Ojikan: Which student is fond of Mika-sensei?*Kitagawa
      Sensei No Ojikan: Who is nosebleed king in class?*Kudo
      Sensei No Ojikan: At the start of summer class, Kitagawa glomps
      Mika-sensei and says, 'The round soft feeling of your ---- is so
      Sensei No Ojikan: What is Mika-sensei most sensitive about?*Her height
      Sensei No Ojikan: What is Watabe's hobby?*Drawing manga
      Sensei No Ojikan: By the end of the sketching contest, Mika-sensei ended
      up sleeping on ---------- ---.*Kitagawa's lap
      Sensei No Ojikan: What is Mika-sensei's last name?*Suzuki
      Sensei No Ojikan: Nakamura acts like an old man, so his nickname is
      Sensei No Ojikan: Kitagawa suggested this play which is a story about
      two girls for the cultural festival.*Little Women without Men
      Love Hina Again: What did Kanako do to Motoko when they met for the
      first time? (a)pulled her into a deep kiss (b)flipped her skirt and
      groped her (c)ran her hand along the inside of Motoko's thigh (d)all of
      the above*c
      Love Hina Again: What pattern did Shinobu's panties have when Kanako
      flipped her skirt?*A Strawberry pattern
      Love Hina Again: What did Kanako do to Kitsune when they met for the
      first time? (a)She kissed her, (b)She fondled her breasts, (c)She made
      love to her on the couch.*b
      Tenchi Universe: When Washu sent the gang to the Pretty Sammy Universe,
      what reason did Ryoko did for picking a fight with Aeka? (a)Aeka was a
      bitch, (b)Aeka paid more attention to Tenchi than to her, (c)She gets
      turned on fighting Aeka*b
      Pokemon: When Officer Jenny mentioned 'the beautiful Nurse Joy', how
      did Nurse Joy react?*She blushed
      Kiddy Grade: To wake Lumiere up, Eclair gives her the best wine by
      ----- -- -----.*mouth to mouth
      Kiddy Grade: Lumiere uses her powers to control ---------.*computers
      Kiddy Grade: Eclair activates her powers by putting -------- -- --- ----?*
      Kiddy Grade: Lumiere drinks aged grape juice. What is it really?*wine
      DevilMan Lady: What did Jun's fan do to Jun after she drugged her?*Tied
      Jun to the bed
      DevilMan Lady: How many wings does Jun have in devilman form?*4
      DevilMan Lady: What kind of bed do Kazumi and Jun sleep in?*A bunk bed
      DevilMan Lady: What is Jun's profession?*She is a model
      DevilMan Lady: What is Asuka's last name?*Ran
      DevilMan Lady: What is Jun's last name?*Fudou
      DevilMan Lady: What is Kazumi's last name?*Takiura
      DevilMan Lady: What kind of costume does Jun wear in devilman form?*None
      DevilMan Lady: In the locker room in high school, Aoi pushed Jun up
      against the lockers and ------ ---.*kissed her
      DevilMan Lady: What mutated animal gene manifested in Aoi?*A shark
      Gunsmith Cats: What gangster leader tries to drug Rally?*Goldie
      Gunsmith Cats: How did Misty try to thank Rally in her car?*Tries to
      Kiss her
      Gunsmith Cats: How does Goldie dress up her female subordinates?*In
      bondage clothes
      Last Exile: How many stars was the mission to bring the cargo to
      Last Exile: Who is Tatiana's navigator?*Alistia
      Last Exile: What color is Tatiana's vanship?*red
      Last Exile: What food is highly prized by the middle class?*water
      Last Exile: What is Tatiana's rank?*captain
      Last Exile: What is the cargo protected by the Silvanna?*Alvis
      Last Exile: What is Alvis' last name?*Hamilton
      Last Exile: What is the most turbulent place in the sky?*The Grand Stream
      Last Exile: What is the monetary denomination?*Claudia
      Last Exile: Who did Lavie throw her water bag to?*Moran Shetland
      Last Exile: What is Maestro Delphine's favorite flower?*A rose
      Last Exile: What hair style does Alistia have?*A braid
      Last Exile: How does Tatiana exercise?*Weight training
      Last Exile: What does Alistia do after Tatiana finishes
      exercising?*Hands her a towel
      Last Exile: Complete Alistia's comment to Tatiana: You've changed. I
      think I ---- --- - --- better now.*like you a lot
      Last Exile: What army did Tatiana join after she graduated?*Anatore
      Aria the Natural: In order to please my customers, I have to learn much
      much, much much more about the wonders of Neo - ------!*Venezia
      Nana: Nana Oosaki says Hachi stirs up emotions in her heart with the
      strength of a -------?*typhoon
      Nana: A goodbye note from Hachi to Nana is seen not as a farewell, but
      as a red hot ---- ------?*love letter
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