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  • Jez Sharp
    Oct 27, 2009
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      Hey! I thought it best to introduce myself on here. I’m not great at giving self introductions so I’m gonna go simple and just do a few personal bullet points followed by a brief summary of how/why I discovered yuri :D
      • I’m a 22 (soon to be 23) year old...*I was informed I wouldn’t be flamed for the next part*...straight male...*looks about for kick-ass flame throwers nervously just in case* from England. I’ll explain why a straight 22 yr old male is interested in yuri below (no, not just because of the hentai altho’ I’d be lying if I tried to claim it didn’t play its part). Name wise I’m best known as ‘Jez’.
      • I love tea, tea is my lifeblood...and around now mince pies as well – Imagine taking a mince pie and filling the remaining space with tea to make a Tea Pie and that’s what my main diet is. (I haven’t actually done that yet but I’m very tempted...I have in the past tried spreading lemon curd on frosties and during an exam term poured coca cola into my tea so its well within my insanity meter :D)
      • I’m incredibly creative (I can often visualise 3D worlds/objects etc. in my mind and when I’m walking somewhere can see/imagine taking all the bricks of a house apart or turning a road into jelly etc.). It’s the part of me I love the most.
      • Other things I like (in no particular order and off the top of my head): Space, Nature, Family, Manga, Anime, Yuri, Writing (Edit: shameless plug but if you like Negima yuri I’ve written several decent stories as ‘Ethereal Forest’ on fanfiction.net), Food (Fish and Chips, Ramen, Macaroni Cheese...), Animals (Ants, Penguins...), Comfort, Peace, Fantasy, Belonging...oh and Hot Baths...and Exploring (although my negative bank balance doesn’t allow for much atm).
      • Things I hate: Strife, Wasps, Prunes, Conflict, Horror Films, Disease, Stupidity (of a kind), Socialising (for the sake of).
      How did I get here?
        I started watching anime more generally in 2006 after my sister began watching a series called ‘Naruto’. Since then (having been at Uni for 3 years) I’ve gone on to watch a lot of anime and manga from a wide range of genres. I loved the escapism, bright colours and sense of belonging and friendship that exist in them as well as the sheer diversity in plots/characters/ genres that I felt would help me develop as a writer.
        • On the lesbian side I almost certainly became aware of it in adolescence through finding RL girlxgirl porn incredibly attractive (to the almost complete detriment of hetro, lol) which morphed naturally into hentai and doujins when I became heavily attached to anime/manga.
        • So far sounding like the stereotypical ‘loser fanboy’ right? However I could never respect/admire/openly associate myself with Plash (Pleasure Trash). I’m not at all happy that my hormones drive me to watch such stuff as its not ‘pure’ beauty; at best it’s merely aesthetic. As time went on, although I was in awe of the beauty, sensitiveness, equality and sheer perfectness of yuri sex; I really wanted to find stories/read manga/watch anime that built up the foundation of love between yuri characters so that the sex wasn’t just ‘empty sex’. (In my experience the most beautiful yuri is a combination of love (understanding and liking the other for who they are etc.), sex and some form of solemn commitment to a future together (e.g. engagement, pactio, vow).
        • For a while until I found Fanfiction.net and discovered KonoxSetsu in Negima!? I was unable to find any. Even then KonoxSetsu rarely featured (until the pactio episode which is still one of favourite manga chapters) and 95% of Fanfiction stories were poorly written or lacked the right balance. I also stumbled across the Yuri Hime Wildrose short manga stories but they were too short and were either unsatisfying fluff or Plash. So for a while I gave up looking and went back to discovering random animes and keeping up with Naruto, One Piece and Bleach.
        • Recently though I finally discovered what I’d dreamt of finding in the manga ‘Girlfriends’ – on the back of which I discovered a host of others (Octave, Marmite etc.) although in my opinion Girlfriends is still the highlight manga for me (even though it’s yet to reach intimacy – its progressing at a wonderfully steady pace towards it) – its positive without shying away from real life issues/dilemmas and whilst the supporting characters are fairly anonymous the chemistry between the main pair is more than good enough to cover for that. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this manga. Anyway it was whilst browsing for a site that might sell the manga in English that I stumbled onto Erica’s blog reviewing the series and having read a couple of years worth of blogs decided to sign up on the mailing list :)
        Hopefully that does as an introduction; but am happy to answer any questions anyone has and look forward to supporting/being a part of this community to further yuri.

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