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27676[Yuricon] OT: My school's resemblence to Maria-sama

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  • Nick Perez
    Oct 4, 2009
      Some cool little facts to know about my school.  While reading and watching Maria-sama ga Miteru I noticed that my school has some resemblence and some not to the Lillian School
      Senior rings:  Our senior rings are kinda like the rosaries of the Lillian council.  We pass them down to each new junior/sophmore but there's no "little brother" relationship and it's actually just used among students
      Collar straigtening- Like Sachiko, everybody in the school has a tendancy to straighten out each other's collars
      One gender-  Like Lillian, my school Trinity is Catholic and has one gender attending, but mine's all boy
      Council- We do have a student council at our school, but we don't use fancy terms likes en boutan.  We give titles but their kinda half-funny half-serious
      Trees-  Although there are a lot of sakura trees at Lillian, at Triniyy there's lots of apple seed tress too in full bloom
      Just some fun facts :)

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