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  • EricaF
    Oct 4, 2009
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Grisznak <grisznakiw@...> wrote:
      > QB was shitty, I can't disagree, but hey, its has much more yuri scenes than
      > whole yuri or so called yuri series aired in 2009.

      I strongly disagree. and I really would prefer if you stop cursing so much. This is an all-ages list.

      Kanamemo, for being a really not very-good series has Yume and Yuuki kissing several times and they are shown as a couple in love. I would say that stands heads over anything QB shows as "Yuri."

      > About that years... there was maybe one really good, 100% yuri serie - Aoi
      > Hana. But it was way too yuri to break through to the mainstream.


      It was a TV show. That is the mainstream. There's no more mainstream to be for an anime. If by "mainstream" you really mean "the personal radar of people I know," again that's a different issue. But as fas as *anime* is concerned, Aoi Hana is the most mainstream Yuri title we've ever had. The magazine it runs in is not hyper-geek magazine. It's bought by both men and women, and it was a TV anime. That makes it pretty darn mainstream for an anime.



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