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27217Re: Angel Sanctuary shippers?

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  • josephglanvill
    Jun 9, 2009
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Alkmaion" <minyer@...> wrote:
      > Oh, and Alexiel isn´t?
      > After seeing all the intrigues unravel, seeing her brother die and in a way unite with her, Alexiel is all dandy and fine?
      > I don´t think so.

      Not in that way. The main scene between Alexiel and Kurai is where Kurai brags that she wants to grow strong and marry Alexiel and protect her. Alexiel seems to treat this with the indulgence proper to a kids boast.

      There's also the whole relationship between her and Lucifer (of which I am something of a fan). Given that Kurai's story is very much one of growing up, I don't think that option would still exist.

      > But I can see her trying to determine her place and deciding to leave because she threatens the balance in Heaven.

      Well, it's a hard one to adjudicate, but I'd guess that she simply wanted peace. So she sleeps in the depths of Setsuna's consciousness.
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