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27211Re: Angel Sanctuary shippers?

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  • Alkmaion
    Jun 8 3:53 AM
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      Oh, and Alexiel isn´t?
      After seeing all the intrigues unravel, seeing her brother die and in a way unite with her, Alexiel is all dandy and fine?
      I don´t think so.

      Give her 75 years of contemplating things(Setsuna´s lifespan) I´d say she would still unsure about things. But with returning to heaven I can see Alexiel crave the normal life Kurai could offer her.
      And perhaps kurai has grown too...

      And let´s not forget that with God, Adam Kadamon and Rosiel dead, the six winged angel is now the highest being in the celestial hierarchy.

      Not that I can see her taking up the job.
      But I can see her trying to determine her place and deciding to leave because she threatens the balance in Heaven.

      About Alexiel/Jibril, I´m not sure they met as themselves, too. Have to reread in time. I was talking post Setsuna´s death, them meeting as themselves.


      > Can't see either, I'm afraid. Kurai's pretty "confused" about Alexiel, but I read that as her childish worship, with Alexiel wanting to spare her the burden of becoming another War Goddess. There's scant evidence that Alexiel and Jibril even met.
      > My Kurai/Noise slash is based on the fact that Noise's feeling towards Kurai must have been imensely strengthened by the events in books 9 through 11. Conversely, Kurai has finally grown up, but as a young Queen she'll need to rely on Noise a great deal.
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