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27208Re: Angel Sanctuary shippers? [Spoiler alert]

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  • josephglanvill
    Jun 7, 2009
      Can't see either, I'm afraid. Kurai's pretty "confused" about Alexiel, but I read that as her childish worship, with Alexiel wanting to spare her the burden of becoming another War Goddess. There's scant evidence that Alexiel and Jibril even met.

      My Kurai/Noise slash is based on the fact that Noise's feeling towards Kurai must have been imensely strengthened by the events in books 9 through 11. Conversely, Kurai has finally grown up, but as a young Queen she'll need to rely on Noise a great deal.

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Alkmaion" <minyer@...> wrote:
      > Not bad, though I kinda wish Alexiel/Kurai would find each other after
      > Setsuna´s death
      > HM, Alexiel/Jibril would be nice too, if onlyx it isn´t just a reborn Setsuna/Sara story.
      > > Follow up to my Berserk question, any other Angel Sanctuary fans here? I'm fan of Noise x Kurai (after the series) myself.
      > >
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