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27029Welcome to our new list members!

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  • atheniag
    May 3 8:34 AM
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      It's been way too long since I did this last. First of all, welcome to all our newest Yuricon Mailing list (YCML) members - and welcome back to some of our oldest list members! Of course, thanks to all the folks who post here regularly. :-)

      New or old, please take a look at our List FAQs, which will give you important links, detail our community standards and hopefully give you an idea of what we're about here: http://www.yuricon.org/faq.html
      The FAQs are a little long, but it really won't take you more than a few minutes to read them through. As they have just been updated, I ask that everyone please do read them. Some things have changed over time, so if you haven't read them in a few years, things *are* different now.

      For the newest members, I hope you'll step up and introduce yourselves. Oldest members, feel free to do the same - some people may not know your early contributions to this community, you can pick up new fans. :-)

      As always, I'll start. My name is Erica Friedman, I founded Yuricon in 2000 as Anilesbocon. In 2003 I began ALC Publishing (which just released "Yuri Monogatari 6" a new Yuri anthology), and we ran the first Yuricon event.

      I write extensively on Yuri at my blog Okazu: http://okazu.blogspot.com

      I'm glad to welcome you all to the YCML - as far as I'm concerned still the least sucky group of people on the internet. :-)



      ALC Publishing - where the girl always gets the girl
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