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26896Re: Maria-sama = porn for loners?

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  • josephglanvill
    Apr 11, 2009
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      Erica, if I may be so bold, I think you mistake me. I didn't say "serious"; I said it "took itself seriously". Ponderously, plonkingly seriously. To make it plain, it is more serious than warrented. I think the technical term is "bathos".

      I watch and read a great deal of serious stuff. The contrast leaping to mind would be "Now and Then, Here and There". It is very serious, but it is not bathetic, to coin a term. It's emphasis is justified by the subject matter.

      Or, to scale things down a little, consider Haibane Renmei. There's a really powerful performance, and it is dealt with well. Or even Azumanga Daioh.

      What rankles with me about Maramite is the drama invested in trivialities. I just find that kind of high-school stuff insufferable. It's trivial and pointless, and the characters look like saps for taking it seriously. And it's not subtlety, either.

      Conversely, what I like about Sei is that she seems to have gotten the joke. Similarly, what makes Meine Liebe etc. so watchable is that there is no chance of anyone taking it seriously. Toungue firmly in cheek.

      > Obviously you are more comfortable with broader comedy, as they say. :-)

      :) Could be. Still, Dylan Moran enlivens most things "...I would find myself going into cafes, looking for the lillian student to smoke on..."
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