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26684Re: So, now that you've seen Touko....what do you think?

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  • atheniag
    Mar 2, 2009
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Blah Blahn <Blarghmania@...> wrote:

      As we were just discussing on IRC:

      > I hated Touko quite a bit when I first saw her. She looked evil, and
      > interfering. Then somewhere along the Rainy Blue arc I realized that I
      > was watching Marimite and not Jump, so there had to be something about
      > Touko past the "stereotypically evil" archetype.

      I find it interesting that most fans make their decisions about
      characters almost immediately and despite character growth and change,
      usually cling to that initial decision.

      For instance, I get emails from time to time, asking me what's up with
      Sachiko. She was "mean" to Yumi in the first episode of the first
      season, so why are they so lovely-dovey now? These people decided that
      Sachiko was a bitch, and despite the fact that her behavior is
      explained, and her and Yumi's relationship builds and becomes so
      close, they cannot shed that initial belief.

      I think the third
      > season left Touko as a mystery, but the fourth season is doing a
      > really good job with Touko, doing exactly what someone had said above,
      > peeling back the layers of a very thick character.

      The third season gave people a glimpse of the fact that Touko *never*
      disliked Yumi. Yes, she was jealous of her, but she was also
      interested in her, because she was the girl who had become Sachiko's
      little sister. And by the third season, i think it's obvious that
      Touko is beginning to feel protective of Yumi, whome she clearly feels
      is a babe in the woods. lol

      > It's fun seeing Touko
      > and watching her overcome what she's trying to overcome, and it's very
      > illustrative that no matter how hard Yumi tries, it's Touko herself
      > who's making the obstacles. Touko is a very well made teenage
      > character.

      I agree.

      Because Marimite has no plot *other* than character development, I
      look at it like watch a life, rather than watching a series. The story
      is about Yumi's relationships with the people around her and theirs
      with her and others.

      The "wth!?" changes in Sachiko's personality, or Touko's are the plot. ;-)

      And we are supposed to be seeing these people through Yumi's eyes, not
      so much our own. Hating Touko is sort of aside from the point. Yumi
      loves her. :-)

      Shimako is not shy and reserved, Rei is not a doormat, Sachiko is not
      a lunatic bitch, Touko is not a troublemaker and Yumi is not stupid.
      These are initial impressions established by the creator for the sole
      purpose of being destroyed as we learn more about them.

      > Another thing I've been loving about this season is how the age shows
      > on each of the characters. Noriko's enthusiasm and (lack of) composure
      > really shows that she is a first-year, and the way that Shimako,
      > Yoshino, and Yumi react to their soeur troubles (Noriko, Nana?,
      > Touko?) show that they're second-years. And the distance that Sachiko
      > and Rei take, while a bit awkward and harsh-seeming at times, shows
      > their maturity as third-years, and their preoccupation with entrance
      > exams and what's about to happen to them after high school.

      Absolutely. Although it's a fantasy, at heart, Marimite is quite
      realistic. Which is what makes it work for me.



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