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26672RE: [Yuricon] Re: So, now that you've seen Touko....what do you think?

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  • Haruchin
    Mar 2, 2009
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       I actually quite liked Touko throughout the second season and OVAs, partly because watching a troublemaker at work was a breath of fresh air for the series, and partly because I loved the way she grew - especially in the OVAs. I loved her interactions with Yumi, especially since the animation always manages to perfectly convey what she's thinking, simply through the angle of a raised eyebrow. Yumi manipulating Touko into returning to the drama club was a perfect example of everything I like about their character interactions.
      But then she turned down Yumi's rosary. In a really nasty way. Right now I understand where she is coming from (looking forward to finding out if any of my guesses about her motivations are correct), I feel vaguely sorry for her, but I don't like her at all. She knowingly and deliberately hurt Yumi - so for the moment, 'like' isn't an emotional option.
      Never realised before now how protective I was of Yumi. I must be a Fan. ;)

      2009/3/1 sarcastic_weasel <sarcastic_weasel@ yahoo.com>:
      >> So...now that you've seen more of her, what do you think of her?
      > I've enjoyed Touko as a character ever since her evil eyebrows and her
      > ninja soft steps showed up in season two.
      > At first I thought she was merely an annoying younger sibling type
      > character. (I'm thinking back to the whole juzu incident.) You know,
      > like when you'd get together with your friends, and one of you had a
      > younger sibling who would pester the heck out of you and tell on you
      > and ruin your fun? She sort of reminded me of one of those at first.
      > It seemed like she was desperately trying to be the center of
      > attention at first, or trying to make herself invaluable somehow.
      > By the time we got to "Parasol wo Sashite," I found her to be charming
      > in her own way, and it seemed like she had settled down. And I enjoyed
      > her in the OVAs quite a bit, especially how she reacted to Yumi.
      > I really like how Yumi irritates her. Maybe it's because Yumi is
      > totally unguarded, while Touko always has her guard up. I'm
      > speculating, but I think Touko is slightly envious of Yumi in that regard.
      > I decided to start reading the books in Japanese, and just finished
      > plowing through
      > &#34196;&#34183; &#12398;& #12511;&# 12523;&#12501; &#12451;& #12518;&# 12540;.
      > That was the first one I decided
      > to read, since there are English translations of the other novels, and
      > I'm impatient to see what happens-- I'll go back and read the earlier
      > ones when I finish. (I was actually proud that I managed to read one
      > in its entirety.)
      > I'm halfway through &#26410;&#26469; &#12398;& #30333;&# 22320;&#22259; , and
      > I'm looking forward to finding
      > out Touko's backstory. I hope I can finish the books in question and
      > get to it before the anime races through it, but I don't think I'll be
      > fast enough to read it all. I'm getting better at reading them, but it
      > still takes too long.
      > I'm slightly disappointed with this season in one respect-- they're
      > skipping over some great stuff. I kind of wonder what they're going to
      > do about that... I guess if it's skipped, it's skipped, tho.

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