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26665Re: So, now that you've seen Touko....what do you think?

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  • sarcastic_weasel
    Feb 28, 2009
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      > So...now that you've seen more of her, what do you think of her?

      I've enjoyed Touko as a character ever since her evil eyebrows and her
      ninja soft steps showed up in season two.

      At first I thought she was merely an annoying younger sibling type
      character. (I'm thinking back to the whole juzu incident.) You know,
      like when you'd get together with your friends, and one of you had a
      younger sibling who would pester the heck out of you and tell on you
      and ruin your fun? She sort of reminded me of one of those at first.

      It seemed like she was desperately trying to be the center of
      attention at first, or trying to make herself invaluable somehow.

      By the time we got to "Parasol wo Sashite," I found her to be charming
      in her own way, and it seemed like she had settled down. And I enjoyed
      her in the OVAs quite a bit, especially how she reacted to Yumi.

      I really like how Yumi irritates her. Maybe it's because Yumi is
      totally unguarded, while Touko always has her guard up. I'm
      speculating, but I think Touko is slightly envious of Yumi in that regard.

      I decided to start reading the books in Japanese, and just finished
      plowing through 薔薇のミルフィユー. That was the first one I decided
      to read, since there are English translations of the other novels, and
      I'm impatient to see what happens-- I'll go back and read the earlier
      ones when I finish. (I was actually proud that I managed to read one
      in its entirety.)

      I'm halfway through 未来の白地図, and I'm looking forward to finding
      out Touko's backstory. I hope I can finish the books in question and
      get to it before the anime races through it, but I don't think I'll be
      fast enough to read it all. I'm getting better at reading them, but it
      still takes too long.

      I'm slightly disappointed with this season in one respect-- they're
      skipping over some great stuff. I kind of wonder what they're going to
      do about that... I guess if it's skipped, it's skipped, tho.
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