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26529Yuricon Shop FAQ

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  • atheniag
    Feb 3, 2009
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      Hi all -

      I've been receiving some questions by email about the new Yuricon
      Shop and I thought it might be best to address them all in public,
      mostly because I'm lazy and would rather have a pre-packaged message
      to point to, than keep typing the same things over. :-)

      If I don't answer your specific question, feel free to ask and I'll
      do my best to answer!


      Q: ALC Books are listed on the ALC direct page and on the Amazon
      store. Which is better?

      A: Put simply, if you order directly it's more expensive for you,
      but much faster and I make more money. If you order through Amazon,
      it's cheaper for you, but if they don't have any in stock, you might
      not be able to get it. They are slower to fill orders and I make
      less, but you can order many kinds of items at once. Ultimately,
      it's your choice.

      Q: How do I Search the Yuricon Shop?

      A: This is the one real weakness of the Amazon stores. There's no
      *obvious* way to search. But, it's not hard at all!

      On any of the Amazon store pages - whether in English or Japanese -
      there is an Amazon logo in the right top corner. Click that logo and
      Amazon.com or Amazon.co.jp will open up a fresh home page. You are
      still "on the Yuricon Shop" so anything you search for and purchase
      from that session still gives us a referrer fee.

      Q: I can't find what I'm looking for on the Shop

      A: Not every title in the known universe is listed on the Yuricon
      Shops. We tend to focus on titles that are popular with the Yuri
      crowd, are "classic" titles or are really, positively Yuri (like ALC
      books and Ichijinsha manga.) Many series with Yuri service or
      possible slasahble couples that are listed on "The List" might not
      be listed on the Shop. It's not personal - we're just trying to make
      it easier to find series that are generally considered to actually
      be Yuri. Feel free to search the Amazon sites (see above) for all
      other titles that are of interest to you!

      and the bonus question....

      Q: Will you ever reprint Volume 1 and 2 of "Yuri Monogatari?"

      A: I'm sorry, but probably not. Due to both licensing and technical
      issues, we're probably never going to be able to reprint those

      I hope these help, but again, if you have another question about the
      workings of the Yuricon Shop pages, let me know and I'll do my best
      to assist.



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