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26376Re: [Yuricon] Everything old is...forgotten? What was your gateway anime?

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  • Carmen DiProspero
    Jan 4, 2009
      OK, this will show my age, but my first taste of anime came in the late 60's to early 70's with the old UHF Philadelphia stations that aired Astro Boy, Kimba, Gigantor, Marine Boy, 8th Man, Speed Racer, and Prince Planet.
      My first taste of yuri, before I even heard of the term yuri was Project A-ko. I found this out by accident. I was looking for a third film to rent on a Saturday Night from West Coast Video (remember them?), so I picked up the subtitled version of Project A-ko and thought, WOW! This really piqued my curiosity for anime. Project A-ko was the first anime I ever rented.
      As for first anime I ever purchased, it was 2 releases from Suncoast; Plastic Little (one of Satoshi Urushibara's yuri-fests) and Magical Twilight (a Pink Pineapple produced hentai, which, IMHO, isn't too explicit for my tastes). This was back in 1994, when anime on VHS was $24.95-$39.95, mostly subtitled, and ADVision releases had the black tortoise shells for VHS cases.  And the only dubbed anime on the block were Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, the original Bubblegum Crisis, and the Streamline releases (i.e. - Dirty Pair, Crying Freeman). Also, the old US Renditions had a few dubbed releases, one of which was Iczer-One (another yuri release).  
      Carmen  =^_^= 

      From: atheniag <anilesbocon01@...>
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      Sent: Friday, January 2, 2009 3:17:49 PM
      Subject: [Yuricon] Everything old is...forgotten? What was your gateway anime?

      Because the question "Who is Shampoo?" brings shudders of sadness to
      all of those people here for whom "Ranma 1/2" was their gateway into
      the world of anime, I think we need this thread again. :-)

      On a popular forum a few weeks ago, some called "Sailor Moon" an
      obscure series that no one. Legitimately so - it's 14 years old.
      (Really, it is.)

      So, all you veterans - to educate all the kids here, by which I mean,
      those who think "Kannazuki no Miko" is a classic of Yuri - let's hear
      what your gateway anime were and why someone should watch it *now?*

      My first anime ever was Speed Racer. It played right after "Space
      Robots" and was full of crazy. "Those are the fastest camels I've ever
      seen!" I was 6. lol I recommend watching the old dubs now only for the
      crack-headeness of it all. Not good, but hysterically bad.

      My gateway into the giant suckhole of anime/manga collecting was "Star
      Blazers". My friend, my future sister-not-in- law, was a huge Matsumoto
      obsessive. We were in high school, she cheerfully bankrupted herself
      for books and collectailes. Instinctively, I shied away, because I
      could see that this hobby would be an endless sinkhole of time and
      money. I do recommend watching Star Blazers for two reasons - watch a
      dub *completely, utterly, totally* change a character. Poor manly
      Desslar became intriguingly, ambiguously gay Desslock. lol And for a
      taste of the early epic anime that reached these shores. Like
      watching "Casablanca" to understand something about movies, you should
      watch this series to understand something about anime.

      My big epiphany came with "Sailor Moon." It was shiny, gay, and just
      because it was one of those series that had the right cast and the
      right writers and the right audience at the right time, I think it's a
      classic...no, *the* ...classic magical girl anime and should be
      required viewing for every and any Yuri fan. Sure, it's full of crappy
      repetitive footage and utterly silly attacks, and immensely marketable
      goods. What's your point? lol It also has ridiculousy sticky music
      (come on, everyone sing Moonlight Desentsu!) and one of the most
      talented voice casts ever in the history of anime.

      And by god it had Japanese TV's fisrt lesbian couple. Really, I don't
      care if you don't love Eudial and Doorknobder (Doorknobder, RIP) the
      way I do, but you should at least watch the first kiss episode,
      Uranus' orgin episode, Usagi's heart crystal two-parter AND Minako's
      heart crystal episode in the third season. ("Hehehe, heart came out")
      At *least*. Right now.

      Okay, there. I've got that off my chest. You all convinced me once
      before that I should watch "Project A-ko," convince me (and all the
      newbies that have never heard of it) now that I should watch El Hazard
      or Maze. Or tell those who missed it why they should watch Utena, etc,

      Your turn.



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