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26368Re: Everything old is...forgotten? What was your gateway anime?

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  • sarcastic_weasel
    Jan 3, 2009
      I remember watching bad "Speed Racer" dubs as a rugrat, as well as
      "Battle of the Planets," and "Star Blazers," but I never really got
      hooked. (But I did find the bird costumes in BOTP fascinating. Why
      they dressed as birds was beyond me. I need to watch that in Japanese

      What hooked me? Actually, TechTV ran a "Crest of the Stars" marathon
      about 7-8 years ago, which I watched while cleaning the house late one
      night, and I got hooked on the whole Abh mythology. Yes, I am a nerd,
      and I've always had a weak spot for a good space opera. Not so much
      with the giant robots, though. My interest was piqued. So I was open
      to the idea.

      But I think what really hooked me on anime was Cowboy Bebop. (Yeah,
      I'm one of those people.) The music was great, and it wasn't like
      anything I was expecting--especially the ending. I was pretty fed up
      with American TeeVee at the time, so I figured I'd look for New and
      Different. It fit the bill, and as soon as I started looking, I found
      lots more of New and Different.

      From there, well, the whole downward spiral started. :D

      (Only later did I discover all the cliches in the "new and different!"
      XD But they were new and different cliches!)

      Oh yeah, sometime soon after, I started watching this odd little anime
      about these girls at this school who all spoke in keigo, and they were
      all poking fun at this one girl with pigtails in a catty kind of way,
      and before I knew it, dammit, I got sucked in to MSGM. XD
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