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26347Re: [Yuricon] Everything old is...forgotten? What was your gateway anime?

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  • Adam Jones
    Jan 3, 2009
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      On Fri, 2 Jan 2009 21:03:09 -0500, Erica Friedman
      <alecto_fury@...> wrote:

      > > My first anime was probably Seimei no Kagaku: Micro Patrol,
      > > but I could hardly call it a getaway anime since I watched it as a
      > > kid and without some deep preference, lol. Anyway, I would
      > > recommend it because it's a cute education where you can see
      > > hardworking white blood cells and combative microbes, lol.
      > Okay, now I want to see that. lol

      I'm sure I remember something vaguely similar from when I was a kid,
      but I'd thought it was French... Was this the one with the eeeevil
      streptococci looking like yellow worms with big red noses and the
      little lipid ducks jumping into furnaces? (And if /that/
      description doesn't make me sound strange, nothing will. :)
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