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  • Haruchin
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Re: Johann's comment below:
      It does seem that there's more of a market for audio drama thanks to the BBC, and the quality is pretty good too (although I may be slightly biased, having written one for the aforementioned Doctor Who series). Actually I was considering having a conversation with the guys from Big Finish (who do the DW audios) about the possibility of producing manga/anime connected audio dramas. The problem is, as Johann says, that without the seiyuu connection, the reasons for purchasing an anime-related audio drama decrease significantly. There's simply no ready-made audience as there is for Doctor Who, or even Radio 4 drama. Hardcore fans will want the Japanese originals, and less hardcore fans are unlikely to be interested in something as niche as audio CDs. I have a feeling I would be laughed out of the office...
      It's kind of a shame. I would love to hear some English language versions of the various drama CDs out there, and even more, I would love to hear the British casting choices that would result from a London-based production office. Ah well...

      > Audio dramas are alive and well in the UK thanks to the BBC, though. Doctor Who still has new ones. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was originally a radio drama. I highly recommend the National Public Radio dramatizations of the Star Wars trilogy, which Jessica Zafra serialized on her Twisted on a Sunday radio show; each multi-CD set is more expensive than the DVD of the movie it adapts, though, which is why I'm sticking to the script books.


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