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  • Jen
    Nov 9, 2008
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Jen" <puni@...> wrote:
      > And I haven't enjoyed seeing a small girl get beaten so much since
      > Ichigo Mashimaro. Watching Ayane scream to the heavens in
      > glasses-blurring rage is just... oh it's LOL, personified.

      "Ayane"? I meana "Ayana". How did I type Ayane by accident? Was it
      a typo, or was there an Ayane in my history? Goog search time...


      AH! She was the blue-haired chick from Dead Or Alive! The
      booby-bouncing fighter from the Playstation! I played that!

      ...er, not for the bouncing boobies. Of course not. Actually, it was
      the challenge. We had that game, and I'd played won all mine many
      times over, so I played this one. And I had to win. I *had* to. It
      was a *game*, and I could not stop playing until I'd WON. That
      happens a lot.

      Which might also explain why Ayana was playing dating sims. Maybe she
      just has the game, and plays it because it's there, and she HAS to
      win, regardless of the game itself?

      ... or maybe she's just a lonely nerd/LFG who has no life and just
      wants to date girls and see 'em nekkid, and this is the best she can
      do? I dunno. Of all the uptight strangers you pass today, any one of
      them could be hiding a Sailor Moon tape in their bag. ^__^


      - Jen
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