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  • Jen
    Nov 9, 2008
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Jen" <puni@...> wrote:
      > Hayate Cross Blade = ^___^

      To expand, I like how it's an extreme version of MariMite.

      Yumi is the short, genki, inelegant runt... Hayate is even shorter,
      ultra hyper, totally genkitronic runt.

      Sachiko is a tall, brooding, solitary nadeshiko who projects an air of
      superiority and tries to "improve" those around her for the sake of
      dignity... while Ayana is a tall, pale loner with long dark hair and
      simply knows she's better than most everyone around her and is not
      afraid to let them know in a completely non-emotional manner.

      But this Yumi/Sachiko pair have swords. Oh, and Ayana wears Yuri
      Goggles. Could this series possibly be anything else but a WIN?

      What I especially liked was how Hayate seemed openly gay, but in a way
      that seems like no-one has ever told her that liking girls was taboo
      or wrong, so it never occurs to her that it should be either. I like
      that. No pitter-patter crap, either. No "seven volumes pass over the
      span of five years before the girl admits to the other that she likes
      her" crap I hate so much. Hayate see, Hayate say "YOU!", and there it
      is. Nice.

      And I haven't enjoyed seeing a small girl get beaten so much since
      Ichigo Mashimaro. Watching Ayane scream to the heavens in
      glasses-blurring rage is just... oh it's LOL, personified.

      And OH LOOK, they just happened to show all the series' sub-bosses
      sitting at one table, so we know who our couple will have to beat to
      progress to the last stage. How NICE, how very Angelic Layer. Let's
      see, we have the smirking, gloating one... the nice one who is just so
      sunny and likes you despite fighting to destroy you, nothing
      pewrsonal... the bored, not-paying-attention one who's like "y'know,
      whatever!"... we have the supremely powerful fighter who just happens
      to be a 10yr old... OH, and I swear there's an archetype for Hitsugi &
      Shizuku. I can't think of it right now, but I'm sure they must have
      coresponding parallel-world twins. The ultra-cool, supremely
      confident master of all and her big-eyed, pitter-patter yet TO THE
      DEATH loyal little girl partner? I'm sure there's been many others.

      Oh, and Hayate's roomate? If she's so smiley and carefree now, you
      just *know* her "secret" is so very boo-hoo ANGST DRAMA so sad so
      sad... she may as well have a "drama" stamp on her forehead. And oh
      GEE I wonder if big sister Nagi will happen to arrive to take her
      rightful place at just the worst possible time?

      Oh I am SO loving this, and it's just book #1. It's gonna be a long
      year. Don't wanna wait, I want book #2 now!

      - Jen.

      P.S. Ayane & ex-partner Yukari..? Well whadd'ya know, femmes still
      rule the world.
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