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25818Re: Another crappy season - what are we all watching?

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  • mara_papimer
    Oct 1, 2008
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      Ah there is not much is there.

      Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo is about to finish but still has some
      episodes (or episode) left. I hope the light novel series is published
      in English.

      As far as yuri goes there is the anime adaptation of Yozakura Quartet.
      I don't really think is yuri but still it has a glasses-girl who likes
      German WW2 weaponry being perused by a nun who would not be at all out
      of place in Black Lagoon. That can not be too bad. (that is only one
      of the four main characters, who all have their own stories).

      Not yuri but interesting, anime adaptation of Kannagi that is a big
      Otaku draw as it is a magical girl anime drawn by TYPE-MOON staff
      artist Eri. The story revels in being absurd.

      Black Butler was recommended to me from a friend when he came back
      from Japan. I like the look of a butler anime that for once focuses on
      the butlers not the little girls they end up serving. This improves
      feather as the master is not a little girl but a little boy with an
      eye patch. (He may explode from being too moe)

      And of course there is Gundam00. That can be summed up with this equation.

      (Gundam Wing - Wu Fei) + Elpio Puru * 5(Char clone)

      But the reason I am watching it is that Kati Mannequin has cut her
      hair short in the time skip and now looks far more masculine.
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