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25816Re: [Yuricon] Another crappy season - what are we all watching?

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  • Johann Chua
    Sep 30, 2008
      Watching re-runs on QTV: Anne of Green Gables, Daddy Long Legs, Card
      Captor Sakura, and Sugar Sugar Rune. Didn't really follow the GMA/QTV
      Tagalog dub of Anne before since I still remembered the ABS-CBN dub
      with Aya Blanco (Bejer), though Klariz Magboo does a decent job. DLL
      and CCS I'm more or less re-listening to for Jenny Bituin's voice.

      (Sugar Sugar Rune's Tagalog dubs are an example of what I call
      sister-substitution casting. The QTV dub has Charmaine Cordoviz as
      Chocola, Hero TV's has Grace Cornel; they've played sisters at least
      twice: Tira & Chocolat Misu and Aya & Maya Natsume. (Strangely enough
      Klariz Magboo played Vanilla in both dubs.) Similarly, after a few
      episodes of School Rumble season 2, all of Grace Cornel's characters
      were taken over by Lyrah Padilla; they were Aoi and Kurenai Mishina in
      Musumet. And there's Aya Hisakawa's famed Kikuko Inoue impression.)

      Got the Marimite season one DVD set. My one quibble is that using
      multiple translations for "gokigenyou" was distracting--sticking to
      "good day" would've been better ("good day to you" in the Animax-Asia
      dub, to match the lip flaps; they also seemed to pronounce the rose
      names in French rather than Latin).

      Comic Quest in SM City still had the Burst Angel DVD set last week,
      though I might wait for them to get Marimite ~ Printemps first.

      Currently have the first six episode of Koihime Musou, but haven't
      watched any yet. Ikki Tousen with more yuri fodder should be
      entertaining enough for me.

      Waiting for a box set of Simoun before I try watching it again.
      Fansub's typography (lack of proper apostrophes with a serifed font)
      bugged me enough to quit watching.
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