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25801Another crappy season - what are we all watching?

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  • atheniag
    Sep 30, 2008
      So, yet another season has dawned and has only a teeny little Yuri.

      Other than the Shoujo Sect hentai series (which I find hysterically
      bad, but YMMV,) there's pretty much nothing on Japanese TV that's

      On the English-language side, Strawberry Panic is still being
      released. The last volume of Simoun just came out. In manga,
      Maka-Maka's around the corner, so is Hayate x Blade (which I cannot
      recommend enough.) And Burst Angel, Volume 1 is out.

      So what are we watching these days?

      In place of Yuri, I'm watching stories about girls and women who kick
      ass - Daughter of Twenty Faces, Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo,
      Telepathy Shoujo Ran and heaven help me, Koihime Musou. lol

      How about you?


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