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  • byapes2001
    Jul 4, 2008

      The North American distributor Digital Manga Publishing has announced
      its licenses for the following manga titles at its Anime Expo panel
      on Friday at the Los Angeles, California:

      Utahime Princess Song

      Overclock: Once in a Blue Moon

      Ghost Hunt Scramble by Ototachibana

      Tale of a White Knight by Tooko Miyagi

      1 Sakura Hill

      Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS by Kôji Hasegawa

      RH Plus by Ayako Suwa

      Time for Magic

      In addition, Digital Manga and Shinshokan's new co-published Dok Doki
      label will release the following titles:

      Princess Princess+
      By Mikiyo Tsuda

      Happy Boys
      By Makoto Tateno

      Wolf God

      By Youka Nitta

      Crimson Cross
      By Kyoko Negishi and Sakae Maeda

      Millennium Prime Minister
      By Eiki Eiki


      (slightly corrected for formatting)

      Brian Yaple
      (...insert witty wittiscm here...)
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