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25264Re: Slightly OT: return from Hong Kong

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  • blu_gloo
    Jun 13, 2008
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "crimsonlotus20" <crimsonlotus@...>

      > Now, you must bear with me since, if my Japanese is fifth-rate, my
      > Cantonese verges on the nonexistent. Requests for yaoi were
      > with much enthusiasm and reasonably explicit yaoi titles were on
      > sale (rigorously behind plastic) in underground train station
      > kiosks. BL has a massive following and I even found yaoi-themed
      > computer games on sale in all-purpose hobby stores. Requests for
      > yuri/shoujo-ai, however, drew generally blank stares - though I
      > offered an impressive and, sometimes, home-grown selection of BL
      > comics to compensate. I regret to inform that the market is
      > minuscule and/or too obscure for me to identify. In reality, part
      > the problem is that there is less variety in manga/anime aimed at
      > males (who in Japan, I understand, are crucial in rounding out the
      > Yuri market, when not outright dominating it in many titles) -
      > domestically-produced manhwa dealing with martial
      > arts/historical/sci-fi epics are strong competitors with Japanese
      > imports in material aimed at males, something which has doubtless
      > choked the yuri market. From what I could gather - the 'skinship'
      > that is often mistaken for yuri in Japanese material is prevalent
      > many Hong Kong offerings, especially those of a tawdry high-school
      > drama nature - but Yuri in the sense of Marimite or Kashimashi is
      > notable absentee.

      I live in Hong Kong and I totally agree that yuri manga/anime/novels
      are pretty much non-existent. When I put 'yuri manga' (in Chinese)
      into google search, the results I come back in are mostly in
      simplified Chinese. Hong Kong and Taiwan use traditional Chinese,
      whereas other parts of China use simplified Chinese. So that implies
      that most people who write about yuri on the web aren't from Hong

      I wasn't sure if you meant that there are hardly any Japanese yuri
      manga titles traslated into Chinese, or there are hardly any yuri
      manga titles written by Chinese people. I'm a lazy person so I've
      never actually tried to look for yuri manga translated into Chinese,
      so I've never seen any.

      But it seems that Marimite novels and manga are licensed in Chinese
      by some Taiwan company, so I could find it somewhere in Hong Kong,
      if I wasn't so lazy. Otherwise, the only time I've seen Marimite was
      on Animax, and that was only one episode to fill up one of the
      unfavourable timeslots.

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