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25222Women in Ancient Greece

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  • Maria di Girolamo
    May 31, 2008
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      For all the embryonic and actual history buffs out there:


      With the caveat, though, that this is classic faulty, sensationalist reporting. The most interesting this article says is not that the role of women in Ancient Greece as a whole was more emancipated than previously expected, but the role of Mycenean women (c. 1500 - 1000 BC) was. This, in itself, is extremely interesting because it seems to refute classic theories that the Indo-European settlers in Europe were warmongering chauvinists compared to the peaceful, matrilineal original inhabitants (often identified as Basques and their chthonic goddesses). Athenians, Thebans, Corinthians etc., though, were still every bit as oppressive as any Classics student knows. Nice to know that Myceneans had other ideas, though. Myceneans and Classical Greece, though, were separated by the so-called Dark Age in which Greek civilisation effectively collapsed until the 7th century BC.


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