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  • Erica Friedman
    May 5 9:03 AM
      > To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      From: theo@...
      Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 10:01:25 -0400
      Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Oh-oh...

      > Why don't the American anime distributers just "sneak" the appropriate translations into the set so they can please the anime audiences it's aimed towards rather then some group of people a whole ocean's distance away? It's not like we're making Maria Sama into another "Warriors of the Wind" here. If they told us that 2 + 2 = 5 when it is 4 in Japanese, what the devil would you do? Remain true to the material (and logic), or let the whole thing become a debacle with those who know the material best? I don't know Japanese and I still love the "san"ness of it all.

      Because those people a half a world away are not children - they pay close attention to all the details of anything that involves their IP, and if a change is made without their consent, it violates the companies contract. Not only can it cause costly and prolonged lawsuits, it damages a company's reputation.

      No company is going to willfully violate the terms of their contract, much less for something as relatively unimportant as what fans think.

      > This reminds me of a funny story when I watched a commentary track for a Simpsons episode. They had a scene where the Godzilla roar was used and someone in the commentary asked "How did you get to use that roar? We tried to get it for Monster's Inc. and they wouldn't allow us to use it." and the person in charge just said "Uh, we didn't ask" and the roar is still there. So, if a signature Roar from one of the most iconic monsters of all time can remain in an American series to this day without asking for permission, surely we can translate this series appropriately in a sneaky fashion. Cause god forbid that we as an audience should spend any of our money on their property when it's done right.

      That's a different issue - the company in question was using a small piece of IP, and took a small risk that they'd be found out - and if they were Fox has a great deal of money and lawyers of their own. I can't state it any more clearly than this - the Japanese animation companies *are* looking closely over the shoulders of the American distributors and they do not have either the money or the legal pull to afford to risk anything as stupid as making unauthorized changes.

      I don't know why fans think American anime and manga companies have money flowing out of their ears....but they don't.



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