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  • Erica Friedman
    May 5, 2008
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      > To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 09:08:41 -0400
      Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Oh-oh...

      > There is always this certainty--often misplaced--that non-Japanese couldn't possibly understand core elements of Japanese culture. Witness the decades of withholding Ozu's films from Western distribution. It is only in recent years that we can see a significant number of this great director's work on DVD.

      You're quite correct - that *is* a major issue. And one that it's going to take some balls on the part of the Anerican companies to change. Unfortunately, since they rely on their Japanese contacts' good will, it's a risky thing to stand their ground and say that they know better.

      Another issue is that to Japanese ear, "Mister" "Miss" "Lady" etc, sound very cool and exotic, much the same as we view "-sama." That we would prefer to hear the honorifics as is, really doesn't make sense to them.

      What befuddles me, personally, is why are the manga companies so successful in fighting this battle, and the anime companies so reluctant to weigh in? Personally, I believe it is because the anime companies are still locked in the old sales model of wide video-store, chain-store distribution, where they expected sales from walk-ins off the street. Those days are long gone - it's up to us to explain, politely, that a priori fans are the market and our good will is worth keeping.



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