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  • Jeyl
    May 5 9:03 AM
      IIRC, Viz's release of the X manga was put on hold because they used
      anime artwork on one of the covers back in the days of $16 flipped
      graphic novels. Going against the licensor's translation notes is a
      little more serious.

      I want to make sense in why they won't hear us out in these regards, but everything I can come up with is just a blank. I want to say they're stubborn, arrogant and selfish, but other anime studios have been wonderful to American distributers too! I can give you 100 reasons why George Lucas won't give us the unaltered versions of first Star Wars trilogy that is both re-mastered and in Anamorphic Widescreen, but this? I don't know. It's like some of the anime companies don't want to give us their own products in the best way possible. 

      One of the worst example of this was the new Bible Black series. First we had no Japanese Language version. Pathetic. Later we were finally given the original Japanese language of the volume one episodes in along with the Volume 2 episodes (Also with the original Japanese track) but at a heavy price. The animation in the first Episode of Volume 2 was down right terrible and it wasn't even supposed to be like that. When fans caught on and asked if the quality would ever be fixed, the answer was a flat out no. Huh? They even admitted that the animation was not the final, so how come they won't fix what has already been fixed on their end? What a slap in the face.

      Makes me wonder if any of these super japanese licensors who make all these silly demands have ever looked at the job Toei did for Air Master. They did the American releases of their titles all their way and look what happened. Horribly bad subtitles, zero customer satisfaction and some of the worst DVD reviews I've read. Toei will probably say that the series failed because no one was interested in it in the states and that's unfortunate. Why? Because if the series failed, there will probably never be another chance to have it be domestically released ever again.  I hate it when good stories are deliberately left untold for the wrong reasons.

      "In the case of Godzilla's roar and the Simpsons, Fox being bigger than
      Toho just might have something to do with it."

      And Disney wasn't?

      - Ted the Awesome
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