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  • slow_loris_123
    Apr 25, 2008
      Hi! I signed up a day or two ago. I've never been on yahoo groups
      before, and when I was making my account I decided to name myself
      after my favorite animal, the slow loris. It spends a lot of its time
      quietly lurking, and I can't say I'm much different. It's also
      venomous (a primate! venomous!), but I didn't know that until later.

      First off I'd like to thank Erica (and everybody else that
      reviews/translates/etc. around here). It's good when people share and
      help each other out. I try to do the same with my own work, and it's
      cool that it's so easy to do these days.

      I can't really say when I became interested in yuri specifically
      rather than just having bumped into a lot of it, starting with Utena,
      which is one of my favorite shows, then on to the Marimite anime to
      various Lililicious critters to the Marimite novels as they pop up on
      Okazu and elsewhere, but it's certainly a greater part of what I've
      been into lately.

      I think the one I'm enjoying the most right now is Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue
      Flowers. It's very refreshing and it's more or less mellow. Even if
      there are triangles and that sort of thing, which I don't generally
      like, even that aspect of it hasn't developed in that sort of cliched
      episodic fashion that's quite common. I recently received the three
      volumes, which I can't read, from Japan. I've been working through
      number 3 very slowly and picking up kanji on the way. It's fun to try
      to guess what happened from the pictures, anyway, he he he.
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