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24905Re: Aria: The ENDINATION

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  • Aereal Reis
    Apr 2 8:49 PM
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      using spoiler space by telling the disturbing news that I read on the
      coyuhi forums, about a women crotch scent, or something.. I mean,
      really.. do you wake up one day and say "I wanna smell like...!". I'll
      put the link ot the site (no minors!) at the end of this post.. ok
      enough spoiler space.


      Let me cry myself to sleep tonight -.- I read the news on the
      "hontouni sou omou" blog.. I find it very killing for a manga like
      Aria, and I thought Kozue Amano was better writer than that (wait! I'm
      assuming the manga is pretty much like that.. I deeply wish the
      writers got fired and they hired KnM's ones <.<).

      Honestly, its like a bucket of cold water, as Serge pointed out, some
      could see it coming but not me.

      I live in Mexico (yes, I'm Mexican <.<) and at least /I/ want a
      girlfriend/wife who is a successful professional and knows what she
      wants. Sadly many men like doll-like women and even more sad is the
      fact many girls /want/ to fit that role..

      But let us (or at least me) remember Aria for the good yuri-ish things
      it had and the professional, glamorous, hard working divas the three
      water fairies were, far above any man I found in the whole series.
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