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  • Jamie
    Apr 1 12:44 PM

      What do people know about this? I just happened across it today and
      didn't even know it existed until today. Has this been covered
      already? I know there is Mai Otome Zwei and something else Mai Otome
      with a new main character but this is a prequel to the Mai Otome series.

      What mostly caught my attention was this...

      "Elliot Chandler (エリオット・チャンドラー, Eriotto Chandorā?):
      Meister Otome (GalacticaMarine), Column I. She resembles Erstin Ho and
      also has romantic feelings towards Rena."

      So now I'm like, but wait... Rena (Lena?) is Arika's /mother/. Are
      Elliot's feelings one-sided? What's going on? Unfortunately the
      first episode only just aired in February of this year and I'm still
      not advanced enough to be watching raw episodes to understand what is
      going on.

      Still... if I can find a place to download it, is it recommended?

      --Vexed Fusion
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