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24891Aria: The ENDINATION

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  • Adam Jones
    Apr 1 12:41 AM
      La la la

      Here's some text to distract Yahoo from the rest of the message.



      No, Akari, you idiot! You're supposed to /kiss/ the bride!

      (Seriously, I'm not the only one who thought that looked like a wedding,
      am I?)

      If the animators were going to spend that much effort pushing
      Akari/Alicia over the One True Pairing (Alicia/Akira), the least they
      could have done would have been to give us a little more payoff.

      Anyway, I guess the final episode settles the question over Aria
      Company's bizarre dead-woman's-boots system of recruitment. It just
      felt a little unfair to me to shuffle Alicia away like that - it's not
      like she'd previously shown any signs of wanting to do anything else,
      and she can only have been about 25 or so...
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