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24887Re: Kiss, sigh and cherryblossom pink.

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  • Joseph Saunders
    Mar 29, 2008
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Mitchell Gilks" <gilksm@...> wrote:
      > I just got this series of seven short stories, or chapters (which I
      > thought were absolutely spectacular, by the way, and would like to
      > them made into an anime.) and just finished reading them. I noticed
      > the contents it lists 8 stories, but I can only find seven, and it
      > lists seven on wikipedia as well. They are:
      > 1) Even if you're not friends
      > 2) The summer closest to heaven
      > 3) A kiss, love, and a prince
      > 4) This love from I can't remember when
      > 5) Cherries for your lips
      > 6) If I kiss her ring finger
      > 7) Real feelings
      > Lastly, and only in the contents, it lists an eight
      as "afterwards".
      > I enjoyed all of these stories thoroughly, and it would be create
      > there was another one. So, if anyone knows if there is, and has
      info on
      > why it isn't listed, or including, or if I'm just misunderstanding
      > something. It would be a fantastic help. Thank you in advance.
      If you remember the two stories about Nana and Hitomi by Morinaga
      Milk, there are two more stories about this sweet yuri
      couple...Chocolate Kiss Kiss and Wishing under the Moon..that can be
      found in Lillilicious website in Yuri Hime S magazines..
      I think that is right...well take care
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