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  • hayesman@haze-studios.com
    Mar 25, 2008
      > Hello everyone!
      > I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Kimberly
      > and I'm quite new to the subsect of Yuri Anime. My gf about 6 months
      > ago introduced me to it and I have become enthralled.
      > Most importantly though, I am currently working on a graduate paper
      > for my Women Studies course on Gender and Language on Yuri Anime.
      > Specifically, how it is or is not feminist centered by the way they
      > Currently, I am a graduate student at East Carolina University in the
      > Multicultural Literature department. My B.A. is in Cultural
      > Anthropology and my minor is in Psychology.

      Welcome, and good luck with your project. I find it fascinating and would
      love to be kept updated on it, use my personal email if need be.

      I teach drawing workshops and have years of experience with graphic design
      and storytelling techniques. In fact, this summer will be my 10th drawing
      workshop at Otakon. IF you have any questions, please come to me.

      I should point out that Erica Friedman and lililicious.net should be
      invaluable resources for you.

      Good luck and Godspeed!


      PS Weezer is awesome. Blue Album FTW!
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