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  • Kimberly
    Mar 25, 2008
      Hello everyone!

      I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Kimberly
      and I'm quite new to the subsect of Yuri Anime. My gf about 6 months
      ago introduced me to it and I have become enthralled.

      Most importantly though, I am currently working on a graduate paper
      for my Women Studies course on Gender and Language on Yuri Anime.
      Specifically, how it is or is not feminist centered by the way they
      are drawn, portrayed, if the plot or theme contains an element to
      transcend internal and/or external repression, and ultimately, if the
      characters still retain voice. I am also contemplating about turning
      this project into an extended one for my Thesis.

      I'm hoping to get everybody's thoughts and feelings on it. As of
      right now I have seen Maria Sama Ga Miteru, Strawberry Panic, Simoun,
      and Yami to Boshi. So if anyone has any advice, suggestions for
      resources, or other Anime that would be crucial to look at, please do
      not hesitate in reponding back.

      Currently, I am a graduate student at East Carolina University in the
      Multicultural Literature department. My B.A. is in Cultural
      Anthropology and my minor is in Pyschology.
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