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24762Re: [Yuricon] Not quite on topic, but I need an answer. How do you deal with fanboys?

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  • Joy Bordador
    Mar 13, 2008
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      Wow, I did NOT expect so many replies... @_@

      Sorry for the delay, work has been terrible and I hadn't gotten around to thoroughly reading the discussion till today.

      First off, thank you SO much for your advice and your very enlightening discussion! I realize that I was wrong to assume that "enlarged appendage in the pubic region = penis" in the first place, and I never considered. Thanks for coming up with myriads of definitions and citing numerous examples which confuddle, provoke (serious) thought, make me giggle and ultimately help me lose some of my bitchiness. Like I already said, I don't claim to be the greatest or most knowledgeable yuri fan so I really appreciate everyone's efforts in helping me spot the difference on whether an anime/manga/piece of fiction in general is yuri or not. :) Again, thank you!

      (Craig, your story in particular is a genius, I will post this on the forum I'm in and let you know what he thinks. XD)

      Finally, thanks too for suggesting moderating measures which really helped me not go bust a gut on the kid. Though, if he posts a NSFW/NC-17 link again (which we told him to specifically not do), I just might. XD; We're not really feeding him (I was told to just monitor his moves and NOT do anything on the thread), he just stubbornly keeps on posting links when he thinks the thread is dying, when in reality a lot of us aren't in total agreement with his "examples" of yuri (which would simply be women, who are otherwise straight, making out with a male leering in the audience, and Bible Black which is always not child-friendly). The sod doesn't seem to consider romantic, non-sexual, mutually-inclusive relationships between women as "yuri" I'm afraid. But you're right, since he's being stubborn there's really not much I can do anyhow...

      ~ Joy/Haruka

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      --- Joy Bordador <haruka173@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > Hi all.
      > I don't claim to be the world's greatest and/or most knowledgeable yuri fan,
      > but right now, please tell me if this is right or wrong.
      > Some male fanboy over at one of the forae I help moderate keeps pushing that
      > futanari is the same as yuri.

      I would disagree, but my opinion would mean nothing to a male fan boy.

      And, although this parable is unlikely to make him think, it might be good for
      a laugh:

      You're reading a doujinshi that features a relationship between two futanari.
      One is a tachi (butch) and the other is a neko (femme). However, the neko is
      taller. Who wears the pants in the relationship, and why?

      If he says that the neko wears the pants because it would look wrong for the
      taller person to be bossed around by the shorter person, then he's equating
      their relationship with yaoi, so a futanari and a girl wouldn't be yuri.

      If he says that the neko wears the pants because the tachi is overcompensating
      and girly girls rule, then maybe in his mind futanari and a girl would be yuri.


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